Boston's Best Household Services: A Comparison Guide

Boston's Best Household Services: A Comparison Guide

On the bracing shores of the Atlantic, the city of Boston thrives with a distinctive blend of historical roots and innovative energy. The vibrant pulse of Boston is not only reflected in its rich cultural tapestry but also in the plethora of household services it offers. These household services, much like the city's famous brownstone buildings, provide foundational support for maintaining households, allowing residents to enjoy their historic city with less stress and more comfort.


Whether you've recently moved here, or you're a long-term resident, at some point, you may find yourself needing the assistance of some of the best household services Boston has to offer. Our carefully crafted comparison guide deconstructs the available options, helping navigate the city's top services. We have chosen the cream of the crop from categories like home maintenance, cleaning, landscaping, and moving services in Boston.

Home Maintenance Services

Keeping a house in tip-top shape is a formidable task, requiring both time and expertise. This is where home maintenance services come in, with companies offering a broad range of services to help you keep your home in prime condition without lifting a finger.

1. Mr. Handyman of Central - Eastern Norfolk County & S. Shore

With more than 20 years of repair and remodeling experience, Mr. Handyman is a trusted name in Boston (official website). Their friendly, professional, and reliable service covers home repairs to general maintenance, ensuring your home always looks its best.

2. 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric

Offering reliable, round-the-clock service, 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric takes care of essential home services like HVAC maintenance, water heaters, and plumbing (official website). Their skilled technicians collectively hold more than 100 years of experience and are renowned for their fast response times.

Cleaning Services

A clean home is a happy home. If time or energy constraints come in your way, fear not, because Boston offers top-notch cleaning services for every budget and schedule.

1. The Maids

The Maids is the go-to service for those needing thorough, routine cleaning. They use a 22-step process to ensure every corner of your home is spotless (official website). Offering their services across Boston, their scalable plans are a hit among residents.

2. Ocean Blue Services LLC

Specializing in residential and commercial cleaning, Ocean Blue Services offer trustworthy and eco-friendly home cleaning solutions (official website). With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, they offer customizable packages tailored to suit your needs.

Landscaping Services

Maintaining a gorgeous curbside appeal goes a long way in keeping you in love with your home. Thanks to Boston's landscaping services; a professionally designed and maintained yard is just a call away.

1. Mento Landscape & Paving

Serving Boston for over 30 years, Mento Landscape & Paving is a family-run business providing a wide range of outdoor services, from landscaping and lawn care to hardscape and paving work (official website). They meld their years of experience with your aesthetic preferences to create the perfect setup.

2. Rutland Nurseries

Renowned for their creative and personalized approach, Rutland Nurseries have been delivering high-quality landscape design, construction, and maintenance services throughout New England since 1958 (official website). As a full-service landscape company, they're a one-stop solution for all outdoor spaces, large or small.

Moving Services

Moving within Boston or relocating to the city could be a daunting task. Thankfully, Boston boasts of reliable moving companies that can help with everything from packing belongings to transporting them to your chosen site.

1. Gentle Giant Moving Company

A mainstay within the moving services arena, Gentle Giant Moving Company is known for its meticulous approach toward helping customers smoothly move their belongings (official website). With a promise to get the job done fast and efficiently, they offer both local and long-distance moving services.

2. Stairhopper Movers

Stairhopper Movers prides itself on delivering high-quality moving services at competitive prices. Their crew is expertly trained, ensuring that your items are packed, secured, and delivered to your new location intact (official website).


Picking from a wealth of household services may be challenging, but an informed choice can bring peace of mind in knowing you've invested in Boston's best. From simple home maintenance to thorough deep cleans, chic landscapes to seamless moves, the city's household services industry is an arsenal of real life, practical solutions. No matter the challenge, a solution isn't far off. As a city that thrives on providing the best experience for its residents, Boston offers a variety of household services ready to cater to your every need. By choosing one from this guide, you're taking a step to get the best workforce into your household. Be it home maintenance, cleaning, landscaping, or packing up for a move, Boston's best got your back. After all, life's too short to care about leaking roofs when you could be exploring the Freedom Trail instead!