A Guide to Boston's Best Boarding Kennels

A Guide to Boston's Best Boarding Kennels

When you're in the bustling and historic city of Boston, it's crucial to find the perfect accommodation for your beloved furry companion, ensuring they're well cared for while you enjoy your time exploring the city. Whether you're a resident leaving town for a trip, a tourist in need of a safe place for your dog, or a local looking for an occasional day-care service, we've got you covered. This article will guide you through the top boarding kennels in Boston, promising excellent care for your cherished pets.

A Closer Look at Boston's Boarding Kennels

Boston is home to a wide range of pet boarding facilities that are committed to providing a nurturing, clean, and fun-loving environment for your pet. From luxury pet hotels to affordable and professional daycare setups, you can find everything you need for your furry friend's comfort and safety.

The Urban Hound

The Urban Hound is one of the most renowned boarding kennels located in Boston's South End neighborhood. This place holds an enviable reputation for its personalized care programs and upscale atmosphere. Every pet guest at Urban Hound gets a tailored itinerary. From professional grooming, daily exercises to individual playtime, they ensure your pet feels at home. In addition, their website constantly updates with adorable pictures of their guests, giving you peace of mind as you see your fur baby happy and content.

Boston Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa

If you want to give your pet a relaxing, spa-like experience, look no further than the Boston Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa. Situated in the middle of the city, this state-of-the-art facility provides a range of services – from simple boarding to grooming and training. They have meticulously designed their accommodations to give all pets a safe, clean, and comfortable stay. Visit Boston Red Dog's website for more details.

Picking the Right Kennel: Essential Considerations

Finding the perfect boarding kennel for your pet involves more than just looking at the reviews. It's also critical to consider your pet’s specific needs, health condition, temperament, and the budget you've set. Here are some key considerations when choosing a Boston kennel:

Certifications and Services

It's essential to select a kennel that is certified by reputable institutions. Licences and certifications ensure the quality of service and adherence to state-provided guidelines for pet health and safety. Also, check if the boarding kennel provides additional services like grooming, training, and medical assistance, especially if your pet has specific physical needs.

Staff Training and Pet-to-Staff Ratio

Look for boarding facilities that employ well-trained, experienced, and pet-loving staff. A lower pet-to-staff ratio ensures that your pets get plenty of attention and care during their stay.


Entrusting your furry companion to a boarding kennel is an important decision, even more so when you're away from your usual surroundings. Whether you’re on vacation or out of town, Boston's top-notch dog boarding kennels ensure your pet receives the best care possible. From The Urban Hound’s personalized care routines in the heart of the city to Boston Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa’s luxury services in a state-of-the-art facility, choosing the perfect boarding kennel in Boston can be hassle-free if you take into account the right factors.

Remember, a good boarding kennel is not just about keeping your pet safe and fed. It should also focus on giving them the social interaction, exercise, and mental stimulation they need to stay happy. Make sure to consider all these important aspects while choosing a boarding kennel for your precious pet in Boston.