Boston's Best Boxing Gyms: A Guide

Boston's Best Boxing Gyms: A Guide

If your upcoming Bostonian adventure includes a quest to finding the city's best boxing gyms, you're in luck. This vibrant, historical city left behind its traditional cobblestone streets and charming tea houses for a moment and witnessed an impressive emergence of top-quality gyms, especially for the art of boxing. Notably, the boxing scene in Boston presents a delightful mix of tradition and modernity, where the emphases lie in technique, discipline, and community development.

Boston's Love for Boxing

Boxing in Boston goes beyond the ring, embodying a cultural and historical significance for the city. Boston’s long-standing love of boxing traces back to the early 19th century, when it was a premier location for matches. The city was known for producing championship fighters who reigned in various weight classes. Today, over two centuries later, people in Boston keep the passion alive, which is evident in the quality of its boxing gyms.

The Selection Process

Boston offers a slew of boxing gyms that cater to individuals of all skill levels – from absolute beginners to professional competitors. In our selection process for the best boxing gyms in the city, we focused on various factors including the gym’s training environment, the diversity and quality of classes, the qualifications of trainers, community development initiatives, as well as reviews and feedback from gym members.

1: The Ring Boxing Club

A reputable name amongst local boxing enthusiasts, The Ring Boxing Club has been offering unparalleled boxing and fitness experiences for more than a decade. The gym promotes a welcoming, positive environment with well-rounded training programs designed for all individuals irrespective of their fitness levels. The gym also houses some of the most experienced, dedicated trainers in Boston.

2: EverybodyFights

Hello to EverybodyFights, conceived by George Foreman III, the son of boxing legend George Foreman. The gym seamlessly integrates the technicalities of boxing with comprehensive fitness training. At EverybodyFights, training involves a mix of boxing, strength, yoga, recovery, and education, aiming at a holistic development of its members. This gym also provides an open, friendly space for female boxers, proving its commitment to inclusivity.

3: Boston Boxing & Fitness

Another top pick is Boston Boxing & Fitness. Known for its dedication to both boxing and fitness, this gym provides a range of classes, from hardcore boxing to hybrid boxing-fitness sessions. With a solid line-up of trainers, Boston Boxing & Fitness doesn't differentiate between a pro fighting for a title and a newbie hitting the bag for the first time, which speaks volumes about the gym’s commitment to its members.

4: Nonantum Boxing Club

Situated in the heart of Newton, Nonantum Boxing Club aims at building a stronger community through the sport of boxing. This privately-owned gym is renowned for its tight-knit community spirit. They offer services ranging from personal training to group classes and even training for Golden Glove competitors. Whether you’re interested in serious competition or just a fun, challenging workout, Nonantum Boxing Club could be an excellent choice.

5: TITLE Boxing Club Boston

An affiliate of the nationwide franchise, TITLE Boxing Club Boston delivers top-notch training experiences. They offer signature Power Hour classes that blend boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. Their high-energy, full-body workouts can help members of all levels to reach their fitness goals. So, if you're up for a heart-pounding workout in a vibrant, electric atmosphere, TITLE Boxing Club Boston could be the gym for you.

6: Grealish Boxing Club

Our final pick is the Grealish Boxing Club, hidden away in Dorchester. This old-school boxing gym is recognized as a pillar of Boston's boxing scene holding the traditional values of discipline, hard work, and respect. The gym also offers youth boxing programs making it known for its commitment to the community.


Boston’s best boxing gyms bear testament to the city’s rich boxing legacy. They offer more than just a series of punches and jabs; they provide spaces where discipline, confidence, and fitness thrive in a caring, community-based environment. Whether you're a seasoned boxer or have never slipped on a pair of gloves, these gyms have something for everyone. So, don your boxing gloves, step into the ring and be a part of Boston's illustrious boxing culture.