Boston's Best Dim Sum Restaurants: A Guide

Boston's Best Dim Sum Restaurants: A Guide

There are few things as satisfying as a delectable dim sum feast. Rooted in Cantonese cuisine and designed for shared enjoyment, dim sum translates to "touch the heart," quite apt for a culinary experience that truly stirs the senses. From steamed Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings) and fragrant Cha Siu Bao (BBQ pork buns) to the crisp haam sui gok (fried glutinous rice dumplings), Boston is home to a spectacular array of dim sum restaurants, each with its unique appeal, embodying the town's eclectic dining scene. Here's the lowdown on the best dim sum restaurants, promising a distinct Boston flavor in every bite.

Hei La Moon

Primarily famous for retaining the traditional cart-style dim sum service, Hei La Moon in Boston's Chinatown is frequently bustling with residents and tourists alike. Their vast menu provides an impressive blend of classic and inventive dim sum options such as Shu Mai and Phoenix Tail Shrimp. Make sure to arrive early on weekends, as their heartwarming dim sum attracts a large crowd.

Winsor Dim Sum Café

Winsor Dim Sum Café is another iconic eatery in Boston’s Chinatown, revered for its selection of mouth-watering dim sum at affordable prices. Known for their standout Steamed Egg Yolk Lava Buns that burst with sweet, creamy goodness, the café also serves a range of vegetarian options, unlike many traditional restaurants.

China Pearl Restaurant

Nestled within the busy streets of Chinatown, China Pearl is a beloved institution. The buzz reverberating off its three spacious dining floors sets the stage for the gastronomic journey ahead. China Pearl shines for its Dim Sum Brunch where delectable Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf and Pan-fried Turnip Cakes find the perfect co-star in Pu-Erh tea.

Ming's Seafood Restaurant

The go-to spot for the North Shore residents is Ming's in Malden. Standard pushcarts take orders, and the vast selection ensures everyone has their favorite available. Top picks include creamy Custard Buns and their exotic Squid With Spicy Salt. They also offer an array of comforting Congee (Chinese-style rice porridge) styles.

Great Taste Bakery and Restaurant

Don't let the “bakery” title mislead you – Great Taste Bakery and Restaurant is a force to be reckoned with in the dim sum race. They indeed serve sweets, but their savory selection is alluring as well. Their Mini Egg Tart dim sum is a favorite, as it combines flaky pastry with the rich, custardy filling in perfect proportions.

Empire Garden Restaurant

Empire Gardencaptures the essence of Chinatown's historic theater and gives it an elaborate theatrical setting. Under high ceilings and chandeliers, enjoy classics like Har Gow and Chicken Feet, prepared to perfection, making it a true spectacle of the senses.


Boston’s evolving culinary tapestry embraces dim sum dining with open arms. Bursting with flavors as diverse as the city itself, Boston's dim sum eateries deliver a wonderful gastronomic journey. Whether you're an ardent dim sum devotee or a first-timer, Boston's vibrant dim sum scene beckons you to tuck into delicate morsels and fragrant cups of tea for an authentic and memorable culinary experience like no other.

Note: Always remember to check business hours and reservation policies, as they may have changed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Safe and savory travels!