Boston's Best Cheese Shops: A Guide

Boston's Best Cheese Shops: A Guide

Whether you're a visitor exploring the historical streets, or a resident who cherishes the unique culture of the city, Boston offers a fulsome fair at every corner of the heart — and that includes the palettes of cheese lovers. In this article, let's talk about Boston's best cheese shops where you can find the creamiest Bries, the most flavourful Goudas, or the sharpest Cheddars.

Formaggio Kitchen

Formaggio Kitchen is the favorite gourmet food shop for Boston’s South End. The cheese aficionados, since 1978, have curated a selection of products from around the world, offering an extensive array of cheese, artisan bread, cured meats, and specialty grocery items. Their cheese selection features hundreds of types, hand-crafted and carefully aged. What makes Formaggio unique is their extraordinary aging cellar that guests can tour — the first of its kind in the USA.

American Provisions

Another gem in the South End, American Provisions, specializes in bringing local goods to Boston's residents. The shop offers a variety of cheese from different regions, and a great selection of local craft beers. American Provisions certainly adds a tasteful touch to Boston's cheese scene by providing a platform for local producers to thrive.

Curd & Co.

At Curd & Co., the focus is on artisanal cheese and the artisanal cheesemakers who create them. This Brookline shop values the unique stories behind every wheel and wedge of cheese, placing emphasis on the provenance rather than simply the product. Their staff's knowledge is expansive, taking guests on a tantalising journey through the cheese-making process and infusing every purchase with a sense of appreciation for the art.

Wasik’s Cheese Shop

Wasik’s Cheese Shop is truly a family affair, having served the Wellesley community for over four decades. Wasik's offers an eclectic selection of fine cheeses from around the world, each one hand-selected by the Wasik family themselves. It’s the perfect place to explore new flavours and learn more about the wide world of cheesemaking. Their staff can expertly guide you to pair the right cheese with the perfect wine or craft beer.

Baccos's Wine + Cheese

Just off Boylston Street, you’ll find a European-style deli-cum-wine-shop, Bacco's Wine + Cheese. Not only do they have an extensive array of world-class cheeses, but they also offer a carefully curated list of wines. With their exceptional cheese and wine pairings, you can’t go wrong spending an afternoon indulging in Bacco's offerings.

Roche Bros.

While Roche Bros may be a familiar name to residents as a supermarket chain, their extensive selection of cheese makes them a must-visit location for cheese lovers across the city. Don't neglect the Murray's Cheese Shop section, where you'll find a cornucopia of cheeses from around the world.

Mamma's Cheese

Nestled in the North End, Mamma’s Cheese is a family-operated deli that offers freshly made mozzarella, along with a variety of Italian goods. Patrons rave about their mozzarella and prosciutto sandwiches and it’s the perfect shop to stop by for an off-the-cuff picnic by the waterfront.


In conclusion, Boston's cheese scene is as diverse and rich as its history — a reflection of the melting pot culture that the city is proud of. Unlike the grand cathedrals and famous universities, these cheese shops offer a more understated charm, a journey of taste that tells the story of artisans, producers, and generations of family tradition. Next time you find yourself in this part of the globe, do make a point to sample Boston's cheese world — it's an experience of the city you won't regret.