Boston's Best Ethnic Grocery Stores: A Guide

Boston's Best Ethnic Grocery Stores: A Guide

If you're anything like me, stepping foot inside an exotic, out-of-the ordinary grocery store is as exciting as it is appetizing. Especially when you happen to be residing in a cosmopolitan city like Boston, where of its many charms is its ethnic diversity reflected in a myriad of grocery markets dotting the city's landscape. The mesmerizing aroma of an Indian spice mix, the allure of Japanese matcha tea, or the sweet delicacy of a Brazilian guava paste, supermarkets hold the key to galloping across continents without ever leaving Boston. Let me guide you on teleportation journey through food across different countries, while still keeping the stunning skyline of Boston in your rearview mirror.

1. Tropical Foods (The Supermarket of Roxbury)

Termed as "The Supermarket of Roxbury", Tropical Foods holds an impressive selection of Latin American, Caribbean, and African produce that the chefs absolutely relish. This ethnic oasis not only houses great selections of meat, ripe plantains, and canned goods, it is also home to a bakery that rolls out hot, fresh bread every day. And if ever in a time crunch, make a quick dash to their deli for readymade flavorful meals.

2. H Mart (Burlington)

To astonish your palate with the flavors of Eastern Asia, visit H Mart. This grocery store is tantamount to heaven for the lovers of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine. H Mart stocks fresh produce, a quality selection of meat and seafood, authentic noodles, dumplings, sauces, and even beauty products. Hydrangea tea, anyone? A special mention to its food court offering lip-smacking dishes like Bibimbap and Gimbap.

3. Patel Brothers (Waltham)

Satiate your craving for Indian flavors at Patel Brothers. This household name offers a versatile variety of Indian grocery, from a range of flours, lentils, and rice, to spices, snacks, and dairy products. Tantalize your taste buds with an extensive collection of mango pickles or savour the taste of Indian sweets.

4. Bazaar on Cambridge Street (Allston)

Seek a taste of Russian, Polish, and Hungarian delicacies at Bazaar on Cambridge Street. This Eastern European market offers several varieties of Kefir, pierogis, meats, cheeses, and chocolates. Don't forget to have a look at their variety of bread which includes Rye, Bagels, and Pumpernickel.

5. Mercato del Mare (North End)

For seafood lovers, there is nothing short of a paradise on earth called Mercato del Mare or Market of the Sea in Boston's North End. This Italian seafood market offers a variety of fresh catches of the day and a host of gourmet products associated with Italian cooking, including olive oils, pasta, and sauces.

6. Seiwa Market (Brookline)

Experience culinary wonders of Japan by visiting Seiwa Market. Whether it’s quality sushi-grade fish, unique Japanese beverages, or diverse ranges of condiments and cooking staples, this grocery store provides all. Also, a notable mention to their bakery filled with assortments of freshly baked bread and pastries.

7. Mineirao One Stop Market (Somerville)

Exploring Brazil in Boston is no difficult feat either, thanks to Mineirao One Stop Market. Find a diverse selection of Brazilian goods - from cuts of meat used in traditional dishes to Brazilian coffees, chocolates, and other snacks.


With this line up of exceptional ethnic grocery stores, there are unlimited options for flavor exploration in Boston. Whether you're searching for a taste reminiscent of home, looking to explore a new cuisine, or are on the hunt for a particular specialty ingredient for that unique recipe you're excited to try, these glittering gems of Boston will help satiate your multicultural palate quest. Diverse in their offerings, each carries a part of the world within, making Boston a veritable global village of tastes. Bon Appétit!